This webpage describes the history of MS Paint

Initial Release

First released in November 1985 with Microsoft Windows 1.0, this graphics program was a licensed version of ZSoft Corporation's PC Paintbrush.1


Mark Zachmnann


After started out as a janitor at Kodak, where he was offered a programming job. Later in college at University of Rochester, he created a program to display symbols to help build business forecasting software for Gillette and Mary Kay. He also created a screen-capture printing program for his thesis at university. After working in the late 1980's with a company that sold IBM computers, he was asked to create a paint program called PC Paintbrush. Microsoft found out about the program after its release, and offered to bundle it with every single mouse peripheral they sold.2

Features Throughout The Program's History

Windows 1.0 MS Paint Features


Windows 3.0 MS Paint Features


Windows 95 MS Paint Features


Windows 98, Windows 2000, and Windows ME MS Paint Features


Windows 98 MS Paint

Windows 2000 / ME MS Paint

Windows XP MS Paint Features


Windows Vista MS Paint Features


Windows 7 and Later MS Paint Features


Hidden Features of MS Paint

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